I was suffering from CONGENITAL HIATAL HERNIA  from 2008 until the early months of 2011.I have endured 2 gastroscopy procedures, 8 trips to the hospital emergency room and a monthly $100 maintenance drug to suppress the acid that feels like a heart attack at nighttime.
I was deprived of my favorite foods, especially coffee.
My social life is a mess since I’m always lethargic, until I discovered COFFEE KING PLUS.
In just a week of drinking, I felt a difference in my body. I feel more energized, and most importantly, I never had any nocturnal attacks  again.
I didn’t have to take my maintenance drugs again and I can now drink coffee!!! – MITCH FERNANDEZ,  Toronto

My life has changed since I have started drinking Coffee King Plus.
I love coffee to the point when I have become a coffee addict. I used to drink 2-3 mugs of coffee a day. But the side effects would take its toll on my health. I would get cramps, palpitation, and I would have a hard time getting a sleep at night. Ever since I have been drinking Coffee King Plus, I get to sleep so soundly, even when I drink it before going to bed. Ever since I was a child, I’ve always known I had a very weak immune system. I used to get sick easily. I had sinus problems and headaches. My health challenges got worst when I came to Canada. I used to get the flu every winter season. It was so bad that even my kids had to stay home when I get sick because I couldn’t even take them to school. After I have started taking the Coffee King Plus and the Spirulina capsules, I noticed that I never had the flu anymore. Sometimes I only get the usual colds  that don’t stay for long. I used to have a poor vision. When I started driving here in Canada in 1995, I had to use corrective eyeglasses in order to drive. Wow! I am now driving without eyeglasses, even in bad weather, thanks to the Spirulina in Coffee King Plus. Most people are embarrassed to admit this –  constipation. Getting only a BM 2 or 3x a week is one of my biggest problems since I was a child. I would sit inside the washroom for an hour of sweating and pushing (so much like the feeling of having a baby…whew!). Thanks to the amazing fiber content and cleansing agent of Spirulina and Ganoderma’s detoxification benefits, it’s never been this fast and easy getting my system cleansed every day. Another major problem I had was the feeling of numbness in my hands to the point when it would get so painful that I couldn’t sleep and I would cry every night during winter. Pain relievers and ointments won’t even help relieve me from that misery. There was a point when I couldn’t even stir my coffee in the morning because I couldn’t hold the spoon with my hands. This health challenge got me so concerned with my driving safety because I could hardly hold the steering wheel properly. I was like that for so many years. But since taking Spirulina (which I get from Coffee King Plus and from the more potent capsules), I never had to experience that painful numbness again. Now my life revolves around this amazing Super Food, Spirulina. It is truly amazing to have this one phenomenal product help me with all my health challenges. It is my wealth having a good health. I want to share this with you.
Nieves Mangante, Toronto- 

Hello, just thought you might wonder whats so good about drinking my coffee…..Well, first of all, It’s DELICIOUS!. Really. And so healthy too. Your extra energy and extra blood circulation will improve with no side effects. The Ancient Elite have been using these extracts for centuries. Thats how they have stayed in power for so long. Now the secret is out. This is just new in our Western culture. I have been given a gift and would like to share with everyone who will look, listen and believe.
I’m not a doctor or a Shamen, Suthsayer or Ancient Chinese Wisdom maker. I’m just a believer in what I have experienced. I really do believe in these extracts. I am a true testimonial that spirulina & the Red Reishi can help protect your health. It has been 4 months now without taking my high blood pressure medication, my blood pressure has been in the normal range, down from 158/97 to 125/82. I feel great ~ !!

I started drinking Coffee King Plus on October 25th.  In just a little over 10 days, my skin showed great improvement. It became brighter and the blemishes were less red and much lesser in numbers. What I’m most pleased with is the 2 dress sizes I’ve lost.I recommend this product to people for all it’s great health benefits.  If they get the same results that I did then that’s a bonus for them.   Amira of Surrey, BC – 

We love your coffee. You provide excellent choices and we’ve never been disappointed in them. Ms. Rosanna of BC, Canada

After drinking coffee king plus my bowel movement became regular and energizes our body we can highly recommend it to everyone. Try it………… Deborah & Mom, Washington USA.

“Hello, just thought you might wonder what’s so good about drinking our Coffee King Plus …..Well, first of all, It’s DELICIOUS!. Really…. I would highly recommend to try it, It’s a Healthy Choice.” Ms. Yollie of BC Canada