Product Testimonial

After drinking coffee  king plus my bowel movement  became regular and energizes our body we can highly recommend it to everyone. Try it………… Deborah & Mom, Washington USA.

I have been suffering from Vertigo for months, and even though medicines can temporarily provide relief for my suffering, my life is not normal because of the restrictions vertigo imposes in my daily living activities.I have started working at a very early age, enduring a very stressful way of life. Coffee King Plus came at the right time when all I can do is to depend on the effects of medicines to alleviate my illness, and surprisingly, my vertigo slowly disappeared.What’s even better is, it has helped energize my body, providing me stamina to keep on working day in and day out. Coffee King Plus has helped me in a lot of ways, and I am so thankful for the benefits it is giving me, physically, and mentally.— Wilma Laguador, Toronto, Ontario

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I was suffering from CONGENITAL HIATAL HERNIA  from 2008 until the early months of 2011.I have endured 2 gastroscopy procedures, 8 trips to the hospital emergency room and a monthly $100 maintenance drug to suppress the acid that feels like a heart attack at nighttime.
I was deprived of my favorite foods, especially coffee.
My social life is a mess since I’m always lethargic, until I discovered COFFEE KING PLUS.
In just a week of drinking, I felt a difference in my body. I feel more energized, and most importantly, I never had any nocturnal attacks  again.
I didn’t have to take my maintenance drugs again and I can now drink coffee!!! – MITCH FERNANDEZ,  Toronto

“We love your coffee. You provide excellent choices and we’ve never been disappointed in them.  Ms. Rosanna of BC, Canada